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Benny ELs Drops First Installment to Industry Meltdown

TruStatement is releasing Benny EL’s most recent mixtape, The Industry Meltdown, set to drop October 5th. The project features some of the hottest new & old school instrumentals from artists such as The Beastie Boys, Biggy, Wale, and Timbaland. The most refreshing angle of this mixtape is the wide variety in musical genres, as well as Benny ELs ability to showcase a natural and consistent flow over any beat that comes his way. ELs has been on a tear, tracking with TruStatement collaborators Micah, M.A.E., Baldi, Never Yet Contested, and Free Trade for months, preparing for his official album release entitled B.E.T.A., set to drop Fall of 2010. B.E.T.A. is the deadly combination of producer t. agency and emcee, Benny ELs.

Below is the first YouTube installment to Benny ELs mixtape release with the song “Unbelievable”

Download: Benny ELs – Industry Meltdown

Watch: Benny ELs – “Unbelievable”

**B.E.T.A. drop Fall of 2010**

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YouTube Classics

Stumbled on this YouTube channel that is providing nothing but classic music! If you have a second, listen to some of the tracks this guy posts. Thanks to my sister for always providing great links for great music!

Watch YouTube Channel

TruStatement Weekend Oneonta University

(photo : Gubi)

The entire TruStatement camp traveled through the sticks of upstate New York, all the way to a small college town known as Oneonta, NY with an army of emcees, musicians, and Full Sail University grads in the hopes of dedicating an entire weekend to recordings sessions, photo shoots, video shoots, rehearsals, live shows, and a ton of partying. Every minute of this 3 day adventure was shot on cell phones, HD video cameras, and HQ photography equipment, providing a wide variety of visual  encounters with every member of the TruStatement camp. These images, videos, tweets, and status updates were consolidated onto one website, created by the behind the media team at TruStatement. (http://www.flavors.me/trustatement)

The final project will be divided into two separate releases. The first release will be a movie trailer including all cell phone videos and photos from the weekend. The official video will serve as an HD documentation of the 3 day adventure with TruStatement Entertainment in Oneonta, NY. Trust us… the video will be full of emcee performances, impromptu freestyle sessions, candid interviews, and late nights full of heavy partying.

To visit the website where all photos and videos shot on cell phones in real time, please visit http://flavors.me/trustatement

Follow TruStatement All Weekend

TruStatement camp is heading to Oneonta, NY tomorrow for a long weekend of recording, rehearsing, live performances, and plenty of partying. You can stay updated in real-time with all the emcees and creative people at TruStatement this weekend by checking our website below…

Follow TruStatement All Weekend

Machine Gun Funk & TruStatement.com take over Oneonta, NY on Saturday!

M.A.E. and Machine Gun Funk/ Trustatement return to Oneonta, NY for a night of amazing live music. It’s Hip-Hop meets Non-Stop Dub-Hop all night long. Ayinde, Baldi, Benny ELs, Free Trade, M.A.E., and Never Yet Contested will be performing along side a live band and DJ for the entire night. For those who are just getting back to college in Oneonta or New Paltz, NY… Come by for a night of amazing live music!




Time: September 11th

Location: Black Oak Tavern

Price: 3$ Cover.

Suff Daddy – The Gin Diaries

While posting all these Miles Bonny joints, I came across a similar producer. Suff Daddy of Germany has been producing some of the most laid back hip-hop/micro-korg sounds out of Europe. I recently listened to his entire discography located on Bandcamp, which includes 4 releases dating back to 2008. Suff Daddy is slowly becoming a favorite artists, who is collaborating with some incredible emcees. We’ll let you know if he starts collaborating with Pete Philly & Perquiste. (Deadly Combination!!!)

Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers… (Free Download)

I know this download was available a few months ago, but we are all stoked on this project right now! Wu-Tang & The Beatles mashups provide an incredible blend of hip hop and 60’s pop. “Got Your Money” & “You Never Give Me Money” is a unique combination, and is definitely our favorite on the entire project.

Free Download: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

Recommended By: Free Trade

Honest Tea – Marketing Campaign

My college buddy worked on an Honest Tea marketing campaign in Atlanta, Georgia on July 9, 2010. Their concept was to place a giant piggy bank in the middle of Atlanta next to racks of bottled Honest Tea. Given the name of the drink, the idea was to see how many people would put a dollar in the piggy bank without Honest Tea employee manning the entire area. Hence the name “Honest Tea”. Great work Brent! The drinks are amazing, too…

Website: Honest Tea

Recommended By: Free Trade

Incubus – S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Incubus has always had the ability to completely change their style from album to album while still staying relevant in pop culture. If you listen to their most recent release Light Grenades (2006) next to their debut album Fungus Amongus (1995), you might find it hard to believe they are the same band, with the same line up. Their ability to mature as a band so successfully over the years makes them an inspiration… For all of the flavors of Incubus, if I had to pick my favorite, I would take it back to 1997…

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TruStatement.com Presents: “F?@k Love”

Valentines Day came and went. If you had plans with a female, we hope you canceled them. This holiday is a hoax that needs to be stopped immediately. So the musicians and emcees at TruStatement decided to put out an album dedicated to the middle finger. “F?@k Love” is a collaboration of music from TruStatement artists that was produced this Valentines Day. The subject matter fits its balsy title. Each emcee takes his jab at relationships, Valentines Day, and females in general, both lyrically and intellectually.

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