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Ropeadope Presents: Snarky Puppy

Courtesy of John Novotny:

The new release entitled, “Tell Your Friends”  is Snarky Puppy’s fourth studio album, however the vision behind it is quite unlike that of most studio albums recorded before. The inspiration for this album spawned from the idea that it ispossible to play a concert in a recording studio. “Tell Your Friends”, is just that: a concert CD/DVD recorded and filmed on location at the legendary Dockside Studio in front of fans from all across the continent. They came from Texas,Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, New York, Arizona, Michigan and even Quebec to see Snarky Puppy tear it up for one night in the swamps of Louisiana. Of course itwasn’t all smooth sailing but despite setbacks major and minor, the evening unfolded beautifully.Bassist Michael League described it best when he said, “The only way I canexplain it is that we have wonderful friends. Friends who drove in from all overthe continent to be a part of something unique, and perhaps a little bit insane. Friends who scurried around half of Acadiana running errands for us at all hoursof the day and night to make sure we had what we needed when we needed it. Friends who love music and will do anything to see it come to life”.

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Snarky Puppy “Slow Demon” Excerpt From the Full Length DVD

Snarky Puppy plays their song, “Slow Demon” while recording their album, “Tell Your Friends” in front of a live studio audience. The song is an excerpt from the full length DVD available in March of 2010. Footage was shot on two Sony PMW-EX3’s and one PMW-EX1 at 1920×1080, 30p, 35 mbs and was down converted to 720p using the H.264 codec for web presentation. For more info about the band’s music go to www.snarkypuppy.com. For more information about the video production go to www.mrmagicproductions.com. Enjoy…Tell Your Friends!