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The Richest People In America – Jay Z & Warren Buffett – Forbes Magazine

Jay Z & Warren Buffett


Jay-Z is making a pivotal move and appearing alongside philanthropist Warren Buffet on the cover of Forbes magazine.  

The two business men are featured as part of the “Forbes 400” issue, listing the 400 richest people in America. Continue reading


YouTube Classics

Stumbled on this YouTube channel that is providing nothing but classic music! If you have a second, listen to some of the tracks this guy posts. Thanks to my sister for always providing great links for great music!

Watch YouTube Channel

Eminem, Jay-Z Joined By Dr. Dre, Drake At Historic Detroit Concert

Eminem & Jay Z

Clash of the Titans

Detroit hasn’t screamed this loud at a baseball park since Kirk Gibson was hitting home runs in the 1984 World Series. Hip-hop history was made as Jay-Z and Eminem co-headlined the Motor City’s Comerica Park (home of the D-Town Tigers for the past decade) on Thursday night (September 2), the first of two shows on consecutive nights. Continue reading

A Royal Exit (Lebron James) by The Kid Skoob

A Royal Exit

A Royal Exit

Fans across the globe have just witnessed the biggest following of one professional athlete, in any sport.  Former Cavaliers Star, LeBron James’ journey through NBA Free Agency will undoubtedly go down, as one of the most chronicled events in Sports History.  James ended a following, which lasted close to two years, on July 8th, with an announcement to join the Miami Heat.  The same Heat team that is already home to Dwayne Wade…The same Heat team that resides in what was officially dubbed, “Wade County,” from July 1st-8th…The same Heat team who is also now home to Chris Bosh…Yes, That Miami Heat!  This team will join the forces of arguably two of the league’s best 3 players, or 3 of its top 10, however you choose to look at it.  A star of James’ caliber, leaving his team has an effect throughout the league, which will now be felt for the next 5 seasons!  LeBron’s reasoning was based on winning, and the fact that he didn’t want to turn 31, with no titles, and bad knees…which you have to respect.  But, let’s look at this signing from every angle…

Continue reading

“Free Mason feat. Jay-Z” – Rick Ross

“I said I was amazin’, not that I’m a Mason.” – Jay-Z

Dope song man, been sitting on it all weekend and keep hitting that repeat button.


J. Cole “The Come Up” Mixtape


J. Cole - The Come Up Mixtape


Loved the energy off of J.Cole’s hard hitting single “Who Dat”, but appreciated it more live. One of the reasons why hip-hop can never fade away into the abyss!   


– Never Yet Contested

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