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Benny ELs Drops First Installment to Industry Meltdown

TruStatement is releasing Benny EL’s most recent mixtape, The Industry Meltdown, set to drop October 5th. The project features some of the hottest new & old school instrumentals from artists such as The Beastie Boys, Biggy, Wale, and Timbaland. The most refreshing angle of this mixtape is the wide variety in musical genres, as well as Benny ELs ability to showcase a natural and consistent flow over any beat that comes his way. ELs has been on a tear, tracking with TruStatement collaborators Micah, M.A.E., Baldi, Never Yet Contested, and Free Trade for months, preparing for his official album release entitled B.E.T.A., set to drop Fall of 2010. B.E.T.A. is the deadly combination of producer t. agency and emcee, Benny ELs.

Below is the first YouTube installment to Benny ELs mixtape release with the song “Unbelievable”

Download: Benny ELs – Industry Meltdown

Watch: Benny ELs – “Unbelievable”

**B.E.T.A. drop Fall of 2010**

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M.A.E. – More EP

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://tinyurl.com/2e3fohl

M.A.E. has just released the More EP, a FREE download available thru TruStatement.com. Welcome to the show, we are M.A.E. (Mason and Express/Musically Achieved Excellence) straight out of Long Island, N. Y. Our hip-hop blends many genres to complete our sound, some of which are jazz, alternative, soul, funk, and r&b. The third album in the M.A.E. edition is More EP, a precursor to our official debut album, which will be available in June.M.A.E. started with one friendly introduction in the dormitories at Oneonta through mutual friends. Jamie Mahoney, (Mason, M-Ason, Indigo), controls the main vocals along with co-producing beside Lars Viola (Express the Motif) who is the primary beat maker as well as vocalist. After sharing a couple of beats and rhymes we both became instantly focused on forming a group and elevating both of their skills.

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Ayinde – No Slices FREE DOWNLOAD

No Slices has DROPPED!! Download the entire album for FREE here. Check the promotional video, too. Congratulations Ayinde, amazing job on the entire project! Start keepin’ tabs on this dude… Wayy more to come from Ayinde, LikeMindsEntertainment and TruStatement.com!

Music Download


Promo Video


Umphrey’s McGee – Anchor Drops

In just a few days, one of my favorite groups to see live will be coming to Beantown. For the last ten years, Umphrey’s McGee has been pushing the boundaries of what “jam bands” can and can’t do, providing an unbelievable live experience. To me, Umphrey’s McGee is the perfect combination of sheer virtuosity and uniqueness, blending virtually every musical style and genre together and packaging it up for the masses. Umphrey’s provides a complete performance to all audiences, regardless of musical taste. 

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