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Never Yet Contested’s “Retro” Single Release

"Classic Video Games"


“Retro” (single) – Never Yet Contested

Never Yet Contested’s “Retro EP” available everywhere on Black Friday, November 26th!

“Retro EP” Available Free On Fri Nov 26th

Only at

In conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the Super Mario Brothers video game, emcee Never Yet Contested and Tru Statement Entertainment present the “Retro” online video experience. Continue reading


The Social Network Movie Review

The Social Network

500 Million and counting...


Mark Zuckerberg is a semi-genius when it comes to computers, not so much when it comes to women. When his girlfriend dumps him, Mark decides to get some revenge on her and all women by creating a website called Facemash which compares all the women at Harvard against each other. Continue reading

Mike Tyson + Wayne Brady X Bobby Brown Classic = Hilarious

I'm Inpenetrable

I'm Inpenetrable


I mean… what more can you say about this combo. Mike Tyson seriously needs to get his own show, unscripted and on HBO cause everything he does HAS to be unsensored.

Configa – “Roaches”

We found this beat today from a friend of ours on Facebook. Configa has been producing some great music for a while now. If you haven’t had a chance to give the his bandcamp a listen, definitely check out the song “Roaches” off the album Audio Crack. This hip-hop is created over seas, so open your ears to some new music!

Configa – “Roaches”

Configa Facebook

Cee Lo Green – FUCK YOU (Official Video)

Cee Lo Green Says "F$%k You"

Cee Lo Green Says "F$%k You"

Pre-order the new album The Lady Killer at or download “Fuck You” at or from iTunes at US fans only.

Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo Green

Continue reading

Nyjer Morgan Ignites Marlins-Nationals Brawl

The Brawl

One vs Many

Has Bill Belichick seen this yet? Marlins linebacker … err, first baseman … Gaby Sanchez came flying in to protect pitcher Chris Volstad after the Nationals’ Nyjer Morgan charged the mound last night, and Sanchez absolutely blew up Morgan with an NFL-worthy blast. Continue reading

C’mon Son

C'mon Son


Ed Lover returns this week with the 17th installment of C’mon Son. Continue reading Presents :: Night of the Living Funk

Night of the Living Funk & are teaming up tonight to throw an amazing party at Sullivan Hall in NYC. You should check out the event page and go to this show!! Presents: NIGHT OF THE LIVING FUNK PARTY

A Night Of Funk, Dancing & Hip Hop

Featuring Benny ELs, Baldi, Never Yet Contested & more
w/ special guest Spokinn Movement

Al Jarreau – Roof Garden

Very difficult to take this video seriously. I guess this is the way people danced back in the day. I can’t say i’m not surprised. Al Jarreau is a BALLER!!!

Click this link to watch the video: Al Jarreau – Roof Garden

Cee-Lo Green – F**K You

Cee-lo Green

Cee-lo Green gettin it in... F**K You style


Now this is a prime example of how to go viral on the web. After what… a few days Ceelo Green’s newest hit single, F**K You has amounted over 1 million views on Youtube! It’s catchy, hits home, and definitely can be understood by almost anyone who has had the reason to say, F**K You to someone, male or female. Here’s a great example of songwriting, the internet and people all working together on a common goal… to spread the mighty words, F**K You! 

Never Yet Contested