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Welcome to the NFL

You Can't Have It!

You Can't Have It!


Let the parity begin! With the NFL quickly approaching into mid season form we have seen a number of crazy plays, injuries, and headline stories that could fill up a season… and it’s only week 5! Are you still ready for some more FOOTBALL!

The NFL Matrix

The NFL Matrix


Halle Berry vs Stacey Dash


Halle Berry vs. Stacey Dash

Halle Berry vs. Stacey Dash, who’s the baddest?  Of course this is an argument based solely on vanity, and not accolades.  We all know that Stacey Dash doesn’t come close to Halle in terms of building a resume.  BUT, she is bad, and bad in the strictly visual sense, comes with no resume.  What puts both of these ladies on the same playing field is the fact that they are in their mid-40’s, and look the way they do. Continue reading

Samuel “Find Your Love” (Drake Cover) Free Download

Ever wonder what Drake’s “Find Your Love” would sound like from a singer who could, you know, sing without the use of studio effects? Well, apparently it might sound a lot like this cover done by New York City crooner Samuel. Kanye West has approved this singer worthy of covering a Drake cover. You be the judge.

Free Download: Samuel – “Find Your Love” (Drake Cover)

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Singing the Blues (Live Nation)

Courtesy of NY Post: This could be one of the biggest bombs Live Nation Entertainment ever produced. Minutes after the concert promoter and ticket company told analysts at its first investor day that ticket sales for its biggest acts fell 9 percent in the first half of the year and were likely to see a steeper decline during the rest of 2010, its shares plunged — tumbling throughout the afternoon until they lost about 18 percent of their value.

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Which recent Super Bowl halftime show was the most successful?

After witnessing The Who take center stage at the Super Bowl last week (and kill it!!)… I realized how long its been since a pop musician was asked to perform. The years following Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s awkward performance have been full of classic rock groups from the 60’s and 70’s. Why? Then I realized no network is going to risk a pop culture icon having their own agenda on stage and in front of millions of people. These classic rock groups, although old, have not been outdated. The Who put on an incredible performance, playing their top hits which had the same energy and enthusiasm as my parents can recall from back in the day.

Which Super Bowl halftime show was the most successful, in your opinion?