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Configa – “Roaches”

We found this beat today from a friend of ours on Facebook. Configa has been producing some great music for a while now. If you haven’t had a chance to give the his bandcamp a listen, definitely check out the song “Roaches” off the album Audio Crack. This hip-hop is created over seas, so open your ears to some new music!

Configa – “Roaches”

Configa Facebook

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Lupe Fiasco – “Sunshine”

Fresh to def she is
From her steps to the set she is
So “death” might not let me live
Ya dig
Fresh uh huh, yes she is
Had a feeling that it would be a day like this
The orchestra in my mind don’t play like this (naw),
But I’m prepared for it
Got a lil rare for it
Brushed off my airs
Even cut my hair for it
‘Cause normally I don’t care for it
Don’t even be looking for like, like that
Then there go it
Yea right over there so I prepare the poet
Lil scared my stair lowered
Momma said have no fear
Plus I’m already outta my chair
God love my airs on my square from here forward
It’s nothing right so here go it
Whisper in her ear “it’s kinda crowded in here”
Would she care to blow it she said “yea”

Erykah Badu – “Hollywood”

Some of the most pleasing harmonies Erykah Badu has ever laid down. “Hollywood” has always been a classic favorite of mine. Just wait until the last minute or so…

Flying Lotus – “Zodiac Shit”

Really dope beats from Flying Lotus off his newest album Cosmogramma. For those who have not tapped into the LA DJ/Producer, take a minute and enjoy the unique sounds you subliminally hear while watching late night Adult Swim on Comedy Central. This track is titled “Zodiac Shit”

Damu The Fudgemunk – How it Should Sound

Every time I research similar hip-hop artist on bandcamp, I usually end up listening to a number of albums within the hip-hop/jazz genre. More times than not, I strike gold. Another album I found was Damu The Fudgemunk – How it Should Sound. This is how music should sound!

Blu – “Just Another Day”

Very dope mixtape I have been listening to. It seemed pretty hidden on the web. Took me a few clicks to find it, but here it is. A very intelligent and artistic display of music from none other than Blu and co. The mixtape features a variety of emcees including Blu’s side project, Johnson & Johnson . Sample some jazzy hip-hop tracks on the rest of this album titled Untaped.

Ayinde – No Slices

Ayinde has been receiving some due credit for his most recent album release, No Slices (most notably from Kevin Nottingham and The album features a wide variety of club jams, underground sounds, R&B flavors, and witty lyricism. Ayinde will continue to create great music on his next project AYINDIGO, where he will be teaming with Indigo of  M.A.E. Stay tuned for more information on the new release!

Suff Daddy – Refills

Another Suff Daddy record I came across on his bandcamp page. This project remixes tons of classic vocal samples with that Suff Daddy instrumental twist. This dude still has that micro-korg, fender rhodes vibe, massive kicks and snares, and undeniable sub sonic sounds that exist in his other records. Be sure to sample this album!

Suff Daddy – The Gin Diaries

While posting all these Miles Bonny joints, I came across a similar producer. Suff Daddy of Germany has been producing some of the most laid back hip-hop/micro-korg sounds out of Europe. I recently listened to his entire discography located on Bandcamp, which includes 4 releases dating back to 2008. Suff Daddy is slowly becoming a favorite artists, who is collaborating with some incredible emcees. We’ll let you know if he starts collaborating with Pete Philly & Perquiste. (Deadly Combination!!!)