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Welcome to the NFL

You Can't Have It!

You Can't Have It!


Let the parity begin! With the NFL quickly approaching into mid season form we have seen a number of crazy plays, injuries, and headline stories that could fill up a season… and it’s only week 5! Are you still ready for some more FOOTBALL!

The NFL Matrix

The NFL Matrix


The Richest People In America – Jay Z & Warren Buffett – Forbes Magazine

Jay Z & Warren Buffett


Jay-Z is making a pivotal move and appearing alongside philanthropist Warren Buffet on the cover of Forbes magazine.  

The two business men are featured as part of the “Forbes 400” issue, listing the 400 richest people in America. Continue reading

“Mad Men” Gets the “Rolling Stone” Treatment

Rolling Stone - Mad Men - September 2010

Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, Jon Hamm & Christina Hendricks

The August 2010 issue of Rolling Stone featured a cover with the cast of HBO’s hit vampire drama “True Blood” striking a tactically nude pose while drenched with blood, conveying the danger and lust that is the show’s stock in trade. 

But September’s “Mad Men” cover, showing off a fully-clothed Jon Hamm – and a mostly-clothed January Jones, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss – proves that keeping it all on can be just as sexy. Continue reading